About Us

The Lorain County Medical Society's membership is comprised of Lorain County physicians in all areas of practice and specialties. LCMS is committed to serving our member physicians through a comprehensive program of: legislative, regulatory, economic, and social advocacy. We know that physicians are faced with many challenges, and our intent is to provide our members with the necessary support to overcome these challenges and continue to run extraordinary medical practices. 

The purpose of the Lorain County Medical Society is to serve its members by:

  • Acting as a strong physician advocate within the boundaries of professional integrity, while recognizing and representing the diversity within the medical community;
  • Recognizing the health care needs of the community and acting as a patient advocate in response to those needs;
  • Providing services that meet the professional needs and interests of the physician community;
  • Promoting the positions of the profession and the Society to the public;
  • Taking a leadership role in informing the community about health issues;
  • Preserving the professionalism in medicine;
  • Promoting American ideals of the patient-physician relationship; and,
  • Upholding the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association.