The initial fund for the Medical Foundation, $27,273.13 originated from a surplus of funds that had been donated by the public to help defray the cost of providing all the residents of Lorain County with Sabin Oral Vaccine.  Because there was no way to equitably return the surplus to the donors, the Medical Society requested Court authorization to commit the surplus funds to the Scholarship Foundation.  These funds are held in perpetuity and the income generated is made available annually for grants to Lorain County residents who are enrolled in medical school or other fields related to health care services.

The Scholarship Foundation has been the beneficiary of many gifts made in memory of beloved family members or well respected colleagues of the medical community.  The Scholarship Foundation includes eleven separate funds plus the General Fund, all of which are earmarked for scholarship grants to Lorain County residents.  The eleven accounts are:  LCMS/Amherst Medical Staff, Dr. Robert Berkebile, Dr. Raymondo de la Pena, Dr. George Dakters, Dr. Pedro Escuro, Dr. George Hoke, Samuel and Louise Meyers, Eleanor Novello, Anne Shilling, Dr. Elsie Snell, and Cherie Ulmer.

When Amherst Hospital closed its doors the medical staff made a decision to take their funds and to establish a scholarship and contacted the medical society to do so.

Mrs. Robert Berkebile and family established the Dr. Robert Berkebile Fund in honor of her deceased husband.  Dr. Berkebile had been a member of the Lorain County Medical Society from 1948 until his passing.  He and Dr. Delbert Russell were the founders of Russell, Berkebile and Associates. RBA continues to serve the community.

Dr. Raymondo de la Pena, a vibrant and involved physician in Lorain County passed away in the fall of 2012.  His family suggested to friends and patients to make contributions in his honor to create a scholarship in his memory.

Dr. George Dakters, a Neurosurgeon enjoyed painting as a hobby and way of relaxation.  He never thought of selling his paintings but when he learned that he had an eye disorder he decided to sell his work with the funds being used to create a scholarship so that Lorain County residents could receive financial aid for medical school.  In the spring of 2003 he held an art show at the Stocker Center Gallery at Lorain County Community College. The sale of his paintings went to the Dr. George Dakters scholarship fund.  Dr. Dakters currently resides in Elyria and Florida.

The Dr. Pedro Escuro Fund was established by Dr. Rubin and Mario Escuro in honor of Dr. Rubin Escuro’s deceased father.

Dr. George Hoke, a Neurosurgeon in Lorain County from 1955 till his retirement in 1991 passed away in the summer of 2012. Family and patients gave donations to establish a scholarship fund to honor him.

The Meyer Fund was a gift from a local couple in appreciation for the fine medical service they had received through the years from physicians in the county.

The Eleanor Novello Nursing Fund was established upon Mrs. Novello’s passing.  This fund is for students pursuing a nursing profession.  Mrs. Novello had been a graduate of St. Vincent Charity School of Registered Nurses and a Lorain County resident for more than sixty years.  She served on the Scholarship Foundation Board for many years along with the Board at St. Joseph Hospital for students pursuing degrees in Practical Nursing.

Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Shilling established the Anne Shilling Fund in memory of their daughter, Anne.

The Snell Fund was established on the death of a well-known physician, Dr. Elsie Snell.  This fund was the beneficiary of substantial gifts from one of Dr. Snell’s patients.

The Ulmer Fund was named for a young woman who died in a tragic automobile mishap. At the time of her death, Cheri Ulmer was a pharmacy student at Ohio University.  Her death, caused by a heavy stone which was thrown from an overpass, raised the ire of many persons in the county.  A reward fund started in an effort to obtain information about the person or persons responsible for Cherie’s death.  After several years with the mystery still unsolved, the reward funds were turned over to the Medical Foundation in her memory.

Over the years, the scholarships have been made to students in many different fields of study such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, osteopathic medicine, medical records, and medical technicians of various specialties.  While it is easy to determine the monetary value of scholarship grants, one cannot calculate the value of these grants in terms of making it possible for young citizens of the county to obtain the education and training they need to work in the health care area.  It has long been the belief of local physicians that the scholarship grants are one way to bolster the educational and professional skills that the county needs to maintain the level of medical services which are available to county residents.  Although statistics have not been maintained on the number of scholarships grantees who return to work in Lorain County, it is hoped that their ties to the county and its medical community will foster a desire to live and work in this area.

Gifts to the Medical Scholarship Foundation may be made by check, or securities, such as stocks, bonds, may be donated in-kind.  The Foundation is designed to accept all types of gifts including real estate, insurance policies and other types of assets.  Gifts and contributions to the Medical Foundation are tax deductible.  The general public can obtain more information about the Medical Scholarship Foundation and the application for scholarship grants by calling the Medical Society office telephone number (440) 934-6825 or at our website at lcmedicalsociety.com.  Applications are available January of each year, and must be completed and returned by May 1st of that year.  Criteria for being awarded a Scholarship are based on being a Lorain County resident, grade point average and financial need.

The Board of Trustees of the Medical Scholarship Foundation thanks the Medical Alliance, the Lorain County Medical Society, the Medical Community and the general public for the gifts and donations which they made in the past.  The gifts will continue to serve the Lorain County community for many years to come!